Todays Panchang 12/03/2023, Auspicious Tree Near the House

Panchang for 12 March 2023
⛅Day – Sunday
⛅ Vikram Samvat – 2079
⛅Shak Samvat – 1944
⛅Ayan – Uttarayan
⛅Season – Spring
⛅ Month – Chaitra
⛅Party – Krishna
⛅ Date – Panchami night till 10:01 and then Shashthi
⛅ Nakshatra – Swati till 08:00 in the morning and then Visakha
⛅ Yoga – Vyaghat till 06:43 pm, then Harshan
⛅ Rahu Kaal – from 05:18 to 06:47 in the evening
⛅Sunrise – 06:52
⛅Sunset – 06:47
⛅Disha Shool – in the west direction
⛅Brahmamuhurt – 05:15 to 06:03 in the morning
⛅ Nishita Muhurta – 12:25 to 01:13 in the night
⛅Vrat festival details – Rang Panchami
⛅ Special – Eating vine on Panchami causes stigma. (Brahmavivarta Purana, Brahma Khanda: 27.29-38)

🔹Ayurvedic remedy for cough relief🔹

🔸 Children are more prone to phlegm-related diseases. Three times a year there is a season of children’s diseases. If there is a problem of phlegm, then give cough syrup for 1-2 days, just 3 days, the child will be fine. No need to go to the doctor. No English medicine is needed. Give Tulsi seed tablet 1-1 pill in the morning and evening. If it is a very small child, then 1-1 tablet and if it is older than 12 years, then 2-2 tablets can also be given.

🔸 And there is a very good solution and absolutely effective. Put 10 grams of garlic and 1 gram of basil-seed pieces in 50 grams of honey, the sauce is made. Let the child lick 5-5 grams little by little in the morning and evening. The heart will also become strong, the phlegm will also be destroyed. Tulsi toffee has been prepared for such children. Tulsi seeds and trikatu (dry ginger, black pepper and pepper) are put in it so that the phlegm becomes calm.

🔹Ushnodak – Paan🔹

🔸 Boil one liter of water so much that 250 ml. Survive Give it when it is lukewarm. Will give magical benefits to the children. No medicine needed, no cough syrup needed.

🔸Special Caution: Phlegm comes when we cough and then many people swallow it. If there is phlegm, it should not be swallowed, it causes harm. One who suffers from phlegm should not consume lassi, buttermilk, curd, milk and sweets for a few days.

🔹Sunday Special🔹

🔹 Sex with women and eating and applying sesame oil are prohibited on Sundays. (Brahmavivarta Purana, Brahma Khanda: 27.29-38)

Lentils, ginger and red colored greens should not be eaten on Sunday. (Brahmavivarta Purana, Sri Krishna Volume: 75.90)

🔹 One should not eat food in a bronze vessel on Sunday. (Brahmavivarta Purana, Sri Krishna Volume: 75)

🔹 Sunday is the day of Sun God, getting Kshaur (hair cutting and shaving) done on this day causes loss of wealth, intelligence and religion.

🔹 Amla should not be consumed on Sunday.

🔹 According to Skanda Purana, Bilva tree should be worshiped on Sunday. By this the great sins like Brahmahatya etc. are also destroyed.

🔹 Touching Peepal tree on Sunday is prohibited.

🔹 Plucking Tulsi leaves is prohibited on Sunday.

Tree near the house (Part-1)

👉 (1) Ashok, Punnag, Maulsiri, Shami, Champa, Arjun, Jackfruit, Ketki, Jasmine, Patal, Coconut, Nagkeshar, Adhul, Mahua, Vat, Semal, Bakul, Shawl etc. Trees are auspicious near the house.

👉 Pakar, Gular, Mango, Neem, Baheda, Peepal, Kapitth, Agastya, Ber, Nirgundi, Tamarind, Kadamba, Banana, Lemon, Pomegranate, Date, Bael etc. Trees are inauspicious near the house.

(2) There are many trees which, when located in a particular direction, give auspicious or inauspicious results; As-

👉 In the east, Peepal gives fear and poverty. But the banyan fulfills the wishes.

👉 Banyan, Peepal, Semal, Pakar and Gular in the southeast are the ones that give pain and death. But pomegranate is auspicious. Pakar in the south is the cause of disease and defeat, and Mango, Kaith, Agastya and Nirgundi are the destroyers of wealth. But the sycamore is auspicious. Tamarind is auspicious in the southwest.

👉 Jamun and Kadamba are auspicious in the south-west.

👉 If there is Vat in the west, there is royal pain, female destruction and family destruction, and mango, Kaith Agastya and Nirgundi are wealth killers. But Peepal is auspicious.

👉 Bell is auspicious in the north.