Todays Panchang 31/01/2023, Benefits of Ekadashi Fast

Vedic Panchang

🌤️ Date – 31 January 2023
🌤️ Day – Tuesday
🌤️ Vikram Samvat – 2079
🌤️ Shak Samvat-1944
🌤️ Ion – Uttarayan
🌤️ Season – Shishir Rutu
🌤️ Month – Magh
🌤️ Paksha – Shukla
🌤️ Date – Dashami till 11:53 in the morning and then Ekadashi
🌤️ Nakshatra – Rohini till 12:39 in the night then Mrigashira
🌤️ Yoga – Brahma till 10:59 in the morning then Indra
🌤️ Rahukaal – From 03:40 PM to 05:04 PM
🌞 Sunrise – 07:17
🌦️ Sunset – 18:26
👉 Dishashul – in the north direction
🚩 *Vrat festival details-
*🔥Special –

🌷 Benefits of Ekadashi Fast 🌷
➡️ 31 January 2023 Tuesday from 11:54 am to 01 February, Wednesday is Ekadashi till 02:01 pm.
💥 Special – Keep Ekadashi fast (fast) on 01 February, Wednesday.
🙏🏻 There is no other virtue like the virtue of Ekadashi fast.
🙏🏻 The virtue that is done by charity in the solar eclipse, is many times more than that by fasting on Ekadashi.
🙏🏻 The virtue that is done by cow-donation, gold-donation, Ashwamegh Yagya, is more virtuous than that by fasting on Ekadashi.
🙏🏻 The forefathers of those who observe Ekadashi are freed from low birth and shower happiness on their family members. That’s why there is happiness and peace in the house of those who observe this fast.
🙏🏻 Wealth-grains, progeny increase.
🙏🏻 Fame increases, faith-devotion increases, due to which life becomes auspicious.
🙏🏻 God’s pleasure is attained. In the past, King Nahush, Ambareesh, Raja Gandhi etc. who fasted on Ekadashi, they got all the wealth of this earth. There is no doubt that the sins of seven births are destroyed. Fasting done on the day of Ekadashi, cow-donation etc. have infinite times of merit.

🌷 Worth doing on Ekadashi day 🌷
🙏🏻 Read Vishnu Sahastra Naam by lighting a lamp on Ekadashi……. If there is no Vishnu Sahastra Naam, chant 10 rounds of Guru Mantra. So the quarrels in the house will also be calm.

🌷 Be careful on the day of Ekadashi 🌷
🙏🏻 * Ekadashi comes in 15-15 days in a month, fasting on Ekadashi destroys sins and diseases, but old people, children and sick people cannot keep Ekadashi, even then they should give up rice, the one who eats rice on Ekadashi Yes… then it is a sin to eat each rice and each insect according to the religious book…

Offer bajrangbali with saffron vermilion ghee on Tuesday. By doing this, Hanuman ji will be happy soon.
If you go to Hanuman temple on Tuesday, go there and chant the name of Ram. By doing this, Hanuman ji will remove the coming crisis.
If possible, keep a fast on Tuesday and feed the poor. By doing this there will never be shortage of money and food by the grace of Hanuman ji.
If you want to please Hanuman ji, then offer chola to Hanuman ji on Tuesday, apart from this recite Sunderkand on this day. By doing this, the grace of Bajrangbali will remain.
Recite Ram Raksha Stotra on Tuesdays and offer jaggery and gram to Hanuman ji as an offering.
On Tuesday, get up in the Brahma Muhurta and bring a leaf of a banyan tree and wash it with the water of the Ganges. By writing your wish on this leaf with a red color pen and offering it at the feet of Hanuman ji, all your wishes come true.
If you are unemployed and roaming around in search of employment, then offer betel leaves to Hanuman ji, you will get success.
To get wealth, offer Kevda perfume and rose flower garland to Hanuman ji.
If you have bad dreams, keep alum in your feet on Tuesday and after removing it from your feet, throw the alum in a deserted place.
Sit in front of Lord Hanuman on Tuesday and chant any mantra of Shri Ram Chandra as per your wish. Do this remedy every Tuesday until the desire is fulfilled.