Todays Vedic calendar 23/12/2022, Tulsi Glory, Tulsi Mantra

Vedic calendar

🌤️ Date – 23 December
🌤️ Day – Friday
🌤️ Vikram Samvat –
🌤️ Shak Samvat -1
🌤️ Ayana – Dakshinayana
🌤️ Season – Winter season
🌤️ Month – Paush (Margashirsha according to Gujarat and Maharashtra)
🌤️ Side – Krishna
🌤️ Date – Amavasya till 03:46 pm then Pratipada
🌤️ Nakshatra – Original 24 December till 01:13 pm then Purvashadha
🌤️ Yoga – Gand till 01:42 pm then increase
🌤️ Rahukal – 11:16 pm to 12:38 pm
🌞 Sunrise- 07:1
🌦️ Sunset – 18:0
👉 Dishashul – in the west direction
🚩 Vrat Festival Details- Darsha Amavasya
🔥 Special – It is forbidden to have intercourse with women and eat and apply sesame oil on Amavasya and fasting days. (Brahma Vaivartha Purana, Brahma Khanda: 27.29-38)

🌷 Tulsi Glory 🌷
➡ 25 December 2022 is Tulsi Pujan Day.
🌿 · The mantra-stotra etc. which are chanted near Tulsi, it is all infinitely multiplied fruitful
🌿 · Ghosts, vampires, Brahmarakshas, ghosts, demons etc. all run away from the basil plant
🌿 · Diseases caused by heat and sin and evil thoughts like brahmahathya are destroyed by the proximity and consumption of Tulsi
🌿 Worship, planting and holding Tulsi burns sin and is the giver of heaven and salvation
🌿 · A leaf of Tulsi is also a great merit giver in Shraddha and Yajna
🌿 · Whoever renounces his life by placing Tulsi in the peak, he is freed from the amount of sins
🌿 By chanting the name of Tulsi, the sins of man are destroyed and inexhaustible merit is attained
🌿 · By taking Tulsi, man is freed from sins
🌿 · Whoever wears water dripping from Tulsi leaves on his head gets the fruits of Ganga bath and 10 cow donations
🙏🏻 Padma Purana (from Rishiprasad – October 2014)

🌷 For happiness and peace in the home 🌷
🌿 If you want happiness and peace in the house, position in work and business, do 108 circumambulations of Tulsi during the festivals

🌷 Tulsi Mantra 🌷
🌿 Say this mantra while offering water to Tulsi Mata

Mahaprasad Janani Sarvasaubhagyavardhini
Adhi Vyadhi Zara Muktam Tulsi Twam Namostute
👉🏻 This mantra means
🌿 O Mother who offers devotion! We salute Tulsi Mata who increases fortune, removes suffering of mind and diseases of body