Tridevi worship in Navratri

In Navratri, 9 Tithis are divided into 3-3-3 Tithis. Worship of Maa Durga (worship to conquer Tamas) on the first three Tithis, worship of Maa Lakshmi (worship to conquer Rajas) in the middle three Tithis and worship of Maa Saraswati (worship to conquer Sattva) on the last three Tithis are specially done. Is.

By worshiping Durga, in the first three days, a person destroys the demons present in him, his obstacles, diseases, sins and enemies. After that the next three days one worships Goddess Lakshmi to attain all materialistic, spiritual wealth and prosperity. In the end, for the purpose of spiritual knowledge, one worships Goddess Saraswati, the presiding deity of art and knowledge.

Now I will describe the basic mantras of worshiping the three powers. They should be chanted as much as possible during Navratri.

  1. The best Navarna Mantra of Durgaji is the Mahamantra. This is called Mantraraj. Sadhana of Navarna Mantra fulfills all the wishes including wealth, food, happiness and prosperity.
    “Aim Hreem Klein Chamundayai Viche”
  2. Mool Mantra of Lakshmi ji by which Kuber had attained the supreme opulence.
    “Om Srim Hreem Klein Aim Kamalvasinyi Swaha”
  3. Saraswati ji’s Vedic Ashtakshar Mool Mantra, which Lord Shiva gave to Kanadamuni and Gautam, Shri Narayan to Valmiki, Brahma ji to Bhrigu, Bhrigumuni to Shukracharya, Kashyap to Brihaspati, by proving which man becomes like Brihaspati.

“Shri Hreem Saraswatyai Swaha”