Trust and Anxiety

Once a very famous thief went to steal someone’s bungalow. On that day a saint was reciting Bhagwat Katha there. When the thief reached there, the incident was going on that Mother Yashoda used to wear ornaments to Shri Krishna and Balaram every day and both of them would go to graze the cow after having their meal.

The saint was describing the gems and ornaments of Shri Krishna with a feeling that it is precious, priceless. The thief’s attention was diverted from the theft and he started thinking that I ask this saint the address of the brothers in those days, at which place the two brothers go to graze the cow? I will snatch their jewelry and get rich.

Look at Shri Krishna’s leela, that thief had never heard the episodes of devotion before because it was his company that used to steal the thieves. He only knew how to steal, snatch and kill.

Now he started waiting for the saint when he would pass through this deserted road and I could ask the address of both the children. Seeing the saint coming, the thief showed him the knife and said that tell the address of those two children about whom you were telling in the bungalow that the value of their ornaments is priceless.

The saint wanted to explain that brother, I was narrating the story of Bhagwat. But the saint felt that this idiot would not understand these things of knowledge because the thought of jewelry was roaming in his mind. From above, the saint was also afraid of the knife.

To save his life, the saint said that go to Vrindavan, there both brothers come to graze the cows in the morning. There you meet them. The thief went and told the saint that I will give you your share of the jewellery.

Now somehow he reached Vrindavan. It was going to be evening at that time. He asked the people where Krishna Balaram grazes the cow. People also told that place in a simple way.

See the Maya of Shri Krishna complete
He could not sleep at night. There was no feeling of hunger and thirst throughout the night. There is only one eagerness in the mind to pick up the precious jewels of both. Sometimes climbed the tree all night, sometimes descended, sometimes saw the way to see when both the brothers would come. Unknowingly, the tune of Krishna Krishna is playing in the right mind, when will you come, when will you come.

When morning came, the curiosity increased further. Then he saw a celestial light and two children appeared. He looked at both of them at a glance. Started thinking that I had never seen such an adorable look before today.

Then he remembered that I have to take their ornaments and give a share to the saint ji as well. As soon as he banged Shri Krishna and Balaram, he started snatching the jewelry. He found that touch of the Lord very ethereal. Lord willingly let him take away the jewellery.

Again he started waiting for those saints. As soon as the saint came, he started saying that take your share. I have brought ornaments of both the children. Sant ji is shocked and disturbed! Brother, which children’s jewelery have you brought? Have you forgotten? You had told the address of Krishna and Balaram. I asked the boys their names. He told his name to be Krishna and Balarama only.

The saint started saying that I too have to meet those children. Take me too Both reached that place. The thief saw both of them and the saint did not see them. The thief said to Shri Krishna and Balaram that why are you not seeing the saint? You have to see them too or else they will call me a liar. Due to the stubbornness of the devotee, the Lord also appeared to the saint.

The saint started saying that Lord, I have been doing Bhagwat Katha for many years. But you never saw me. Whereas the thief did not even know anything about the glory and form of your name. Then why did you see him? Lord said because you have never called me in that spirit.

The Lord started saying that unknowingly, he had firm faith in the words of the saint. Even though he didn’t know anything about me, but what should be the distraction to find God. She was in him at that time. Sometimes he climbed the tree and sometimes descended and the tune of my name was playing in his mind. So I got angry on him and came near him. This is the result of the company of a saint.

Now the thief also became the ultimate devotee of Shri Krishna in the company of the saint because now he had received the grace of Shri Krishna.