Value of Virtue – A Small Story

Value of virtue

There was a merchant, as rich as he was, he was also a doer of charity, he always used to do yagya-worship etc.

Once he donated everything he had in a yagya. Now he had no money left to run the family.

The merchant’s wife suggested that a big Seth live in the neighboring town. They buy the virtues of others. You go to them and sell some of your virtues and bring some money, so that business can start again.

The merchant had absolutely no desire to sell virtue, but under the pressure of his wife and the concern of the children, he agreed to sell the virtue, the wife made four rotis to eat on the way.

The merchant walked and reached near the city where Seth, the buyer of virtue, lived. He was hungry.

Before entering the city, he thought that he should have food. As soon as she took out the loaves, a bitch stood up with her three children born immediately.

The bitch had given birth to children in the forest. It was a rainy day and the children were small, so she could not leave them and go into the city. The merchant felt pity. He gave a roti to the bitch to eat.
The bitch ate the bread in the blink of an eye but she was still gasping with hunger.

The merchant fed the second bread, then the third and then all the four loaves to the bitch. He himself reached Seth after drinking only water.

The merchant told Seth that he had come to sell his virtue. Seth was busy. He said come in the evening.

In the afternoon, Seth went home for food and told his wife that a merchant had come to sell his virtue. Which virtue should I buy from him?

Seth’s wife was very pious and perfect. He carefully saw that today the merchant has fed bread to the bitch.

She told her husband to buy her today’s virtue which she earned by feeding bread to an animal. That is his best virtue ever.

The merchant came again in the evening to sell his virtue. Seth said- I want to take the virtue of the sacrifice you have done today.

The merchant started laughing. He said that if I had money for the yagya, would I have come to sell the virtue to you!

Seth said that today you have saved the life of a hungry animal by feeding it and its children. I want that reward.

The merchant agreed to sell that virtue. Seth said that in return for that virtue, he would give diamonds and pearls equal to the weight of four loaves of bread to the merchant.

Four loaves were made and placed in a pan of a scale. In the second pan, Seth put diamonds and jewels in a bundle, but did not even move the pan. Another bag was ordered. Still it did not move.

Even after keeping many bundles, when the pan did not move, the businessman said- Sethji, I have changed my mind. I don’t want to sell virtue anymore.

The businessman left empty handed towards his house. He was afraid that as soon as he entered the house, a quarrel with his wife would start.

Where he had put the bread to the bitch, he picked up some pebbles and tied a knot by keeping it together.

On reaching home, the wife asked how much money she got by selling virtue, then she showed the bag and said that she will open it only at night after the meal. After this he went to the village to ask for some loan.

Here, since his wife saw the bag, she was not patient, whether to know whether to bring it or not, so she opened the bag as soon as her husband left, her eyes were torn as soon as she saw the bag, that bag was full of diamonds and jewels. It was full.

When the merchant returned home, his wife asked who gave you such a good value for virtues? Where did so many diamonds and jewels come from??

The businessman suspected that the wife was not taunting knowing all the differences, but, it did not seem like from the glow of her face that only taunts could not happen, something else has happened, that’s why

The merchant said – show where are the diamonds and jewels. The wife brought and reversed the bundle in front of him. The precious gems fell from it. The merchant was surprised to see this.

Then he told the whole thing to his wife. The wife regretted that she had forced her husband to sell his virtue in distress.

Both of them decided that they would start the business by taking out some part of it. The money received from business will be mixed in it and used for public welfare.

God tests you. He tests you the most in the examination, which you are proud of.
If you pass the test, then God bestows those qualities in you as a boon forever.

If you do not pass the examination, then God starts looking for someone else deserving of that quality.

Therefore, even in times of adversity, one should follow the right path by trusting in God. Your pebbles can also be precious gems.

Don’t be afraid, mind from the world, not because of anyone’s desire, nobody’s bad happens, we get what we have sown, by calling in front of that God.. Because everything happens in his control.

To suffer sorrow is to cut off karma. We are given sorrow only for cutting our karma. The cause of sorrow is our own actions, which we have to suffer.

A small child is bathed by his mother with soap and muslin, due to which the child cries. But that mother does not care about her crying, she continues to bathe in the same way as long as the dirt is visible on her body and only when the dirt is gone, she stops rubbing. Rubbing, rubbing it only to remove the dirt, not with any malice. The mother does not rub with the intention of hurting him, but the child does not understand this and that is why it cries.

Similarly, there is no benefit to God by hurting us. But he hurts us to cut off the deeds of our past lives, to save us from our sins and to expose the falsehood of the world. That is, until our sins are washed away, God does not leave us even when we cry and cry. .

Therefore, not getting discouraged by sorrow, we should think about meeting God and do good deeds.