Vedic calendar 10/06/2022, Nirjala Ekadashi, Benefits of Ekadashi Vrat

Vedic calendar
🌤️ Date June 10, 2022
🌤️ Day – Friday
🌤️ Vikram Samvat – 2079 (Gujarat-2078)
🌤️ Shak Samvat -1
🌤️ Ayana – Uttarayana
🌤️ Season – Summer season
🌤️ Month – Jyeshta
🌤️ Side – White
🌤️ Date – Dashami till 07:25 am then Ekadashi
🌤️ Nakshatra – Chitra 11 June till 03:37 pm then Swati
🌤️ Yoga – Varian till 11:36 pm then Parigha
🌤️ Rahukal – 10:58 am to 12:38 pm
🌞 Sunrise – 05:5
🌦️ Sunset – 19:1
👉 Dishashul – in the west direction
🚩 Vrat Festival Details – Nirjala- Bhim Ekadashi, (Smart), Rukmini Vivah, Setubandh Rameshwar Pratishtha Diwas, Gayatri Mata Jayanti, Ekadashi Kshaya Tithi
🔥 *Special –

🌷 Nirjala Ekadashi🌷
➡️ Ekadashi is from 07:26 am on Friday, June 10, 2022 to 05:45 am on Saturday, June 11,
💥 Special – June 11, Saturday, keep the fast of Ekadashi.
👉🏻 (June 10, Friday Nirjala-Bhim Ekadashi (Smart) June 11, Saturday Nirjala-Bhim Ekadashi (Bhagavat)
🙏🏻 The first paragraph of Nirnayasindhu mentions 18 differences in the decision of Ekadashi l
🙏🏻 In Kalahemadri, Markandeyaji has said – when in doubt due to the contradiction of many sentences, fast on Ekadashi and fast on Dwadashi and do Parana on Triyodashi.
🙏🏻 Padma Purana says that in the decision of Ekadashi fast in all disputes, fast on Dwadashi and Parana on Triyodashi.

🌷 Benefits of Ekadashi Vrat 🌷
🙏🏻 There is no other merit like the merit of Ekadashi fast.
🙏🏻 The merit that comes from charity in the solar eclipse is many times greater than the merit that comes from fasting on Ekadashi.
🙏🏻 The merit of cow-giving, gold-giving, Ashwamegha sacrifice is more meritorious than the fast of Ekadashi.
🙏🏻 Ekadashi of the ancestors are free from the lowly vagina and shower happiness on their family members. Therefore, this fast remains in the house of happiness and peace.
🙏🏻 Wealth, sons and other increases.
🙏🏻 Fame increases, faith-devotion increases, which makes life juicy.
🙏🏻 God’s pleasure is obtained. In the past, King Nahusha, Ambarish, King Gadhi, etc., who also fasted Ekadashi, they got all the wealth of this earth. Lord Shiva has said to Narada: By fasting Ekadashi, man There is no doubt that the sins of seven births are destroyed. Fasting, cow donation, etc. done on Ekadashi is infinitely more meritorious.

🌷 To be done on Ekadashi 🌷
🙏🏻 Light a candle on Ekadashi and read Vishnu Sahastra Naam…….If you don’t have Vishnu Sahastra Naam, chant 10 rosary Gurumantra l So household quarrels will also calm down l

🌷 These precautions should be taken on the day of Ekadashi 🌷
🙏🏻 Ekadashi comes in 15-15 days in the month. Ekadashi fast destroys sins and diseases, but the old, children and sick persons can not keep Ekadashi, but they should still give up rice who eats rice on Ekadashi … So from the religious text, it seems like a sin to eat one- one rice and one- one worm…so said Dongre Ji Maharaj in the Bhagwat of Dongre Ji Maharaj