Vedic Panchang 04/03/2023, Holi is the Appearance Day of the Moon

Vedic Panchang

🌤️ Date – 04 March 2023
🌤️ Day – Saturday
🌤️ Vikram Samvat – 2079
🌤️ Shak Samvat-1944
🌤️ Ion – Uttarayan
🌤️ Season – Spring
🌤️ Month – Falgun
🌤️ Paksha – Shukla
🌤️ Date – Dwadashi till 11:43 in the morning then Trayodashi
🌤️ Nakshatra – Pushya till 06:41 in the evening then Ashlesha
🌤️Yoga – Shobhan till 07:37 pm and then Atigand
🌤️ Rahukaal – from 09:54 am to 11:22 am
🌞 Sunrise – 06:58
🌦️ Sunset – 18:42
👉 Dishashul – in the east direction
🚩 Vrat festival details – Shri Govind Dwadashi, Payovrat ends, Shani Pradosh Vrat
🔥 Special – Eating Putika (Poi) on Dwadashi or brinjal on Trayodashi destroys the son. (Brahmavivarta Purana, Brahma Khanda: 27.29-34)
💥 In the 118th chapter of ‘Brahma Purana’, Shani Dev says- ‘The people who regularly touch the Peepal tree on my day i.e. Saturday, all their works will be accomplished and they will not suffer any pain from me. Those who wake up early in the morning on Saturday and touch the Peepal tree, they will not have planetary pain. (Brahma Purana’)
💥 Touching the peepal tree with both hands on Saturday, ‘Om Namah Shivay.’ By chanting 108 times, the effect of sorrow, difficulty and planetary defects calms down. (Brahma Purana’)
💥 Offering water to the root of Peepal tree and lighting a lamp on every Saturday helps to get rid of many types of sufferings. (Padma Purana)

🌷 Holi Special 🌷
🔥 The day of Holi is the appearance day of the moon. Those who are always suffering from some or the other sorrow, then in order to get rid of sorrow and grief, it has been said in Vishnu-Dharmottar Granth that on the day of Holi, one should meditate and chant God’s Bhudhar Swarup i.e. God who holds the earth. Mantras should be chanted on the day of Holi, they have special greatness and benefits –
🌷 Om Bhudharay Namah….. Om Bhudharay Namah….. Om Bhudharay Namah:
🙏🏻 And recite the below verse once and offer salutations and worship to God, especially to Guru –
धरणीम् च तथा देवीं अशोकेती च कीर्तयेत् |
यथा विशोकाम धरणी कृत्वान्स्त्वां जनार्दन: ||
🙏🏻 (O God, whenever the goddess Prithvi cries out to you after being afflicted by the demons, then you kill the demons and take away her grief by holding the earth. In the same way, may you take away my sorrows, sorrows etc. And wear me | ) Do this on an empty Holi day.
🔥 And on Holi, Arghya should be offered to the moon at night. In whose house there is a shortage of money, they have to bear financial hardships. So make kheer of milk and rice on the night of Holi and offer it to the moon. Mix water, milk, sugar, rice and offer Arghya to the moon, light a lamp and chant the Guru Mantra sitting in the moonlight for a while. And pray that the financial crisis of our house may be averted, if there is debt, it should be removed. Sit and chant again on the night of Holi, it will be very beneficial. When the moon rises, Arghya should be offered to Lord Vishnu, Lakshmi and Surya in the moon with the feeling that only Lord Vishnu is sitting in front of it. God has already said in the Gita that I am the Moon, the ruler of the constellations. Remember the words of the scriptures that there is no power of sorrow and debt to remain on that person’s head.

श्रीर्निषा चन्द्र रुपस्त्वं वासुदेव जगत्पते |
मनोविलसितं देव पूर्यस्व नमो नमः ||
🌷 Om Somaya Namah |
🌷 Om Narayana Namah |
🌷 Om Shri Namah |
🙏🏻 Lakshmiji’s mantra – Om Shree Namah: This is a simple experiment to get rid of financial problems at home on the night of Holi.

🌷 Avoid the burden of debt 🌷
➡ Bath with boil means take bath after applying boil of seven things, there are seven things:
👉🏻 1 wheat
👉🏻 2 rice (Those who eat jowar can take jowar and those who eat rice can take rice)
👉🏻 3 Moong
👉🏻 4 gram
👉🏻 5 urad
👉🏻 6 barley
👉🏻 7 Sesame will do a great job in getting rid of the burden of debt.
➡ Make an equal part of this mixture, grind it in a mill and make a solution of that powder and take a bath with it. First, apply it on the forehead (apply with the middle three fingers like ashes) for half a minute, say “Om Namah Shivay”, this will generate sin-destroying energy. Can’t tell how many more benefits there will be in health, applying soap causes depression, affects the follicles of the body.
➡ Take a bath of seven paddy boils daily. There will be a lot of help…. home pain will go away, there will be a lot of benefit