Vedic Panchang 04/08/2022, To regain lost spiritual power

Vedic Panchang

Date – 04 August 2022
day – thursday
Vikram Samvat – 2079 (Gujarat-2078)
Shaka Samvat -1944
Ayan – Dakshinayana
season – rainy season
side – shukla
Date – Saptami 05th August till 05:06 am, then Ashtami
Nakshatra – Chitra till 06:48 pm, then Swati
Yoga – attainable till 04:35 after that auspicious
Rahukaal – 02:23 PM to 04:00 PM
Sunrise – 06:14
sunset – 19:14
Dishashul – in the south direction
Vrat festival details –
Special – Eating palm fruit on Saptami increases the disease and destroys the body. (Brahmavaivarta Purana, Brahma Khand: 27.29-34)

If any planet is opposite then
If any of the nine planets is opposite to anyone or is becoming painful, then worshiping Shiva keeps everyone calm. Lord Shiva is the lord of all the planets.

for longevity
Mix water in 2 grams of dry ginger and apply it inside an iron pan at night. Drinking it mixed with dry ginger milk in the morning gives longevity.

To regain lost spiritual power
️ If you have lost spiritual power due to any reason, then sit on the seat and meditate on the Anahata Chakra in the heart. Sage Vishwamitra ji also got the lost energy back by this experiment.