Vedic Panchang 11/11/2022, Chaturthi Tithi Special

Vedic Panchang

️ Date – 11 November 2022
️ Day – Friday
️ Vikram Samvat – 2079
️ Shaka Samvat-1944
️ Ayan – Dakshinayana
️ Ritu – Hemant tu
️ Month – Margashirsh (Kartik according to Gujarat and Maharashtra)
️ Paksha – Krishna
️ Tithi – Tritiya night till 08:17 after that Chaturthi
️ Nakshatra – Mrigashira till full night
️ Yoga – Shiva night till 09:30 after that Siddha
️ Rahukaal – 10:59 am to 12:23 pm
Sunrise – 06:47
️ Sunset – 17:57
Dishashul – in the west direction
*Vrat festival details-
Special – Eating Parwal on Tritiya is going to increase the enemies. (Brahmavaivarta Purana, Brahma Khand: 27.29-34)

To Remove Obstacles and Troubles
Sankashta Chaturthi on Saturday, 12 November 2022 (moonrise at 08:56)
It is said in Shiva Purana that on the day of Chaturthi (after Poonam) of Krishna Paksha of every month, worship Ganpatiji in the morning and at night offer Arghya in the moon with the feeling of Ganapatiji and recite these mantras:

🌷 ॐ गं गणपते नमः ।
🌷 ॐ सोमाय नमः ।

Chaturthi Tithi Special
Lord Ganesha is the lord of Chaturthi Tithi.
There are two Chaturthi in every month in the Hindu calendar.
The Chaturthi of Krishna Paksha which comes after the full moon is called Sankashta Chaturthi. The Chaturthi of Shukla Paksha which comes after the new moon is called Vinayaka Chaturthi.
According to Shiva Purana, “Mahaganapateh Puja Chaturthyam Krishna Paksha. Partialist
“That is, the worship of Maha Ganapati, performed on the Chaturthi Tithi of the Krishna Paksha of every month, destroys the sins of one side and gives the best results of enjoyment on one side.

If there is Any Trouble
Many problems keep coming in our life, they do not disappear, sometimes some trouble, sometimes some problem. Such people can do an experiment mentioned in Shiv Puran that, Chaturthi of Krishna Paksha (meaning the Chaturthi after full moon) comes. On that morning, while chanting six mantras, bow to Ganpatiji that these troubles and problems are coming in our house again and again, they should be destroyed.

The six mantras are as follows –
Om Sumukhay Namah: One with beautiful faces; May our face also be blessed with true devotion.
OmDurmukhay Namah: Meaning: When a devotee is harassed by someone with demonic tendencies, then the wicked are afraid of seeing Bhairav.
Om Modaya Namah: Those who remain happy, those who remain happy. May those who worship him also be happy.
Om Pramodaya Namah: Pramodaya; Make others happy too. The devotee is also pramodi and the non-devotee is pramadi, lazy. Lakshmi leaves behind the lazy man. And one who is not virtuous, Lakshmi is permanent.
Om Avighnaya Namah:
Om Vighnakaratreya Namah: