Vedic Panchang 16/03/2023, Get the Happiness of Goddess Lakshmi

Vedic Panchang

🌤️ Date – 16 March 2023
🌤️ Day – Thursday
🌤️ *Vikram Samvat – 2079 *
🌤️ Shak Samvat-1944
🌤️ Ion – Uttarayan
🌤️ Season – Spring
🌤️ Month – Chaitra (Phalgun according to Gujarat and Maharashtra)
🌤️ Side – Krishna
🌤️ Date – Navami till 04:39 then Dashami
🌤️ Nakshatra – Purvashadha till March 17 morning 04:47 and then Uttarashadha
🌤️ Yoga – Vyatipat till 10:07 in the morning and then Variyaan
🌤️ Rahukaal – 02:18 PM to 03:48 PM
🌞 Sunrise – 06:47
🌦️ Sunset – 18:47
👉 Dishashul – in the south direction
🚩 *Vrat festival details –
🔥 Special – Eating gourd on Navami is as taboo as beef. (Brahmavivarta Purana, Brahma Khand: 27.29-34)

🌷 To Get the Happiness of Goddess Lakshmi 🌷
🙏🏻 If you ever go to the sea shore, light a lamp and show it… Lakshmi is the daughter of the sea… there is progress from the sea… at the time of churning of the ocean…. if by showing the lamp, chant “Om Vam Varunaya Namah” and Chant a little Guru Mantra in your mind, Lord Varun will also be pleased and Goddess Lakshmi will also be pleased.

Measures to Ppen Tied Shop
If you feel that someone has tied up your shop and because of this you are not able to get benefit inside it, then on Sunday afternoon cut five paper yellow lemons and keep a handful of black pepper and a handful of yellow pepper with them. After that, eat the shop on the second day and take all the materials secretly to some place and should be buried inside some earth. By doing this the tied shop will automatically open. And your business will start moving forward.

If your shop is not selling or someone has tied it up. So seven whole green chillies and one lemon should be tied inside a black thread and hanged in front of the shop. By doing this the sales of the shop increase.
If your shop has suddenly started slowing down, then this method will be very useful for you. If there is a Shiva temple inside your city, go there and bring water offered on the Shivling. And take this water in hand and sprinkle Om Namah Shivay on the top of your shop while chanting the mantra. By doing this the closed shop will open and after that your business will grow.

🌷 Jupiter Policy 🌷
🙏🏻 Jupiter is the teacher of the gods. He has told many such things, which can prove to be very useful for everyone. Jupiter has described these policies, which can take any human being on the path of success.
➡ You will get success easily even in difficult tasks if you keep these 3 things in mind

🙏🏻 Remember God in every situation
🌷 Verse
Sakruduchcharit yen Harirityakshardvayam.
Baddha: Parikarasten Mokshay Gaman Prati.
🙏🏻 ie
One should remember God in every situation, because remembering God is the key to every success. The man who understands this, he gets all the happiness in life and attaining heaven becomes possible.

🙏🏻 Leave the wicked, keep the company of gentlemen
🌷 Verse
Tyaj Durjansansarg Bhaj Sadhusamagam.
Kuru Punyamahoratra Smar Nityamanityata.
🙏🏻 ie
One should shun the company of wretched people, i.e. people with bad thoughts and bad habits, and befriend intelligent and gentle people. Only in the company of good people, man can do the work of religion and virtue day and night.

🙏🏻 Everyone leaves the company of man but not religion
🌷 Verse
Taistachhariramutshrishta Dharma Ekonugchhati.
Tastadharma: Sahayascha Sevitavya Sadaa Nrubhi:.
🙏🏻 ie
Everyone leaves company sometime or the other, but religion never leaves a man. When no other person or thing supports you, then only the work of religion and virtue done by you helps you and protects you in every trouble.

Panchak Begins:
Sunday ( March 19, 2023 ) at 11:17 AM
Panchak ends:
Thursday ( March 23, 2023 ) at 02:08 PM