Vedic Panchang 23/08/2022, Vyatipata Yoga, Pradosh Vrat

Vedic Panchang

️ Date – 23 August 2022
️ Day – Tuesday
️ Vikram Samvat – 2079 (Gujarat-2078)
️ Shaka Samvat-1944
️ Ayan – Dakshinayana
️ Season – Autumn
️ Month – Bhadrapada (Shravan according to Gujarat and Maharashtra)
️ Paksha – Krishna
️ Tithi – Dwadashi till full night
️ Nakshatra – Ardra till 10:44 am after that Punarvasu
️ Yoga – Siddhi till 12:38 after that lapse
️ Rahukaal – 03:52 pm to 05:27 pm
Sunrise – 06:20
️ Sunset – 19:01
Dishashul – in the north direction
Vrat festival details – Aja Ekadashi (Bhagwat), Mangala Gauri worship, Autumn start, Dwadashi growth date
Special – By reciting Shri Vishnu Sahasranama on every Ekadashi, happiness and peace remains in the house. Ram Rameti Rameti. Rame Rame Manorame. A thousand names are like that. Ram Naam Varane.
On this day on Ekadashi, recitation of this mantra gives the same virtue as the chanting of Vishnu Sahasranama.
Hair should not be cut on Ekadashi.
It is forbidden to eat rice and sago on Ekadashi. Do not eat Shimbi (beans) on Ekadashi, otherwise the son is destroyed.
Those who take bath on the Ekadashis of both the sides with the use of amla juice, their sins are destroyed.

Vyatipata Yoga
Such is the glory of Vyatipata Yoga that at that time chanting, Pranayama, chanting with rosary or mental chanting brings happiness to God and especially Lord Suryanarayana, to those who chant, whatever is done in Vyatipat Yoga. 1 lakh times the result.
In the Varaha Purana, it comes about Vyatipata Yoga.
🙏🏻 Vyatipat Yoga, believe that Chandra Dev had a wrong eye on Tara, the wife of Jupiter’s guru of the gods, due to which Sun God was angry, he explained to Chandradev, but Chandradev ignored him, then Surya Dev felt sad that I told them the right thing, still did not pay attention and Suryadev remembered his Gurudev, how should he have respect, love and reverence for Gurudev, but he is not forgetting it so much, Suryadev remembered Gurudev and tears flowed from his eyes. Time lapse is called yoga. And the chanting, sumiran, recitation, Prayanaam, Gurudarshan done at that time have been given great glory in the Varaha Purana.
Special ~ 23 August 2022 from 12:38 on Tuesday to 24 August Wednesday at 01:25 (ie 24 August, full day on Wednesday) is Vytipat Yoga.

Pradosh Vrat
According to the Hindu calendar, Pradosh Vrat is observed on the Trayodashi Tithi of both the sides of every month. This fast is done to please Lord Shiva. This time Pradosh fast is on 24th August, Wednesday. Special worship of Lord Shiva is done on this day. How to fast and worship on Pradosh and what measures can be taken on this day to make you lucky, know…
Do fasting and worship like this
After taking bath in the morning on the day of Pradosh fast, bathe Lord Shankar, Parvati and Nandi with Panchamrit and Gangajal.
🙏🏻 – After this, offer bel leaves, scent, rice, flowers, incense, lamp, naivedya (bhog), fruit, betel leaf, betel nut, clove, cardamom to God.
🙏🏻 – Stay fast throughout the day (if it is not possible, you can do fruit food at one time) and worship Shiva family in the same way again in the evening.
🙏🏻 – Offer ghee and sugar to Lord Shiva with barley sattu. Light eight lamps in eight directions.
🙏🏻 – worship Lord Shiva. Offer prasad to God and break your fast with it. Follow celibacy on that day.
Take these steps
After getting up early in the morning, after taking bath etc., offer Ardhya to Sun God with a copper vessel. Be sure to mix the flowers of the figure in the water. The flowers of the figures are very dear to Lord Shiva. By taking these measures, the grace of Lord Shiva along with Suryadev also remains and luck can also happen.