Vedic Panchang 31/05/2022, Ganga Bath Mantra, To Beautify the House

Vedic Panchang
️ Date – 31st May 2022
️ Day – Tuesday
️ *Vikram Samvat – 2079
️ Shaka Samvat-1944
️ Ayan – Uttarayan
️ Season – summer
️ month – eldest
️ Paksha – Shukla
️ Tithi – Pratipada till 07:18 evening after that Dwitiya
️ Nakshatra – Rohini till 10:01 in the morning after that Mrigashira
️ Yoga – Dhriti night till 12:34 after that shool
️ Rahukaal – 03:56 pm to 05:36 pm
Sunrise – 05:57
️ Sunset – 19:15
Dishashul – in the north direction
Vrat Parv Details – Ganga Dussehra, Beginning Moon – Darshan
*Special – Pratipada

To Beautify the House

  1. Don’t think bad of anyone, don’t think bad of anyone.. then the house will become heaven.
  2. No respect, no respect, no nayan me neh
    Do not go home to Tulsi or even if Kanchan rains wheat
    If someone comes to your house, give respect to him, the beauty of your house will increase.
  3. Sing this prayer every day in the house together, “O Lord, the giver of joy”, then the house becomes heaven.
  • Do it by memorization….the quarrels in the house will go away

If you have Indigestion
If indigestion increases, mix ajwain, dry ginger and black pepper and take a pinch of that powder, then digestion will be fine… take it in the morning and eat after 2/3 hours…

Ganga Bath Mantra
️ Ganga Dussehra starts from Tuesday 31 May 2022.
One cannot go to Haridwar everyday for bathing in the Ganges, there is a small mantra to get the virtue of bathing in the Ganges at home..
Om Hreem Gangaye Om Hreem Swaha
If you take a bath while chanting this mantra, then there is a benefit of bathing in the Ganges. Take advantage of this on the day of Ganga Dussehra.