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Do not underestimate Shukracharya, the Guru of Asuras. He had equal competition with Devguru Brihaspati. Shukracharya was the son of Maharishi Bhrigu. He was married to Daksha Kanya Khyati. Some people believe that he was born from Divya, the daughter of Hiranyakashipu. He is considered among the first 18 masters of astrology and his ethics is famous.

Shukra Kanya Devayani –
The story of Devyani is very famous in mythological tales. Sharmishtha, the daughter of Vrishaparva, the king of Asuras, and Devyani, the daughter of Shukracharya, were sakhis. Both beautiful. Once these two sakhis were taking a bath in the pond. Lord Shankar and Parvati left from there. Out of shame, both the sakhis came out running and started wearing their respective clothes. Rajputri Sharmishtha mistakenly wore the clothes of Rishi’s daughter Devyani. Devyani became enraged at this and the Asura girl said to Sharmishtha that how did you put on the clothes of a Brahmin girl. The humiliated Sharmishtha pushed Devyani into a nearby well. Coincidentally, after a while returning from the hunt, King Yayati looked into the well and saw Devyani in that state. King Yayati gave his clothes to Devayani and took it out of the well. Devyani said to Yayati that you have held my hand, so I accept you as my husband. Devyani was also cursed that she could not marry a Brahmin Kumar. After hearing this story Shukracharya was furious and put a condition to Emperor Vrishaparva that I want to see your daughter Sharmishtha as the maidservant of my daughter Devayani. Thus King Yayati’s wife became Shukracharya’s daughter Devayani and the Asura emperor’s daughter Sharmistha became his maidservant.

Much later it came to know that Emperor Yayati also had relations with his maidservant. Thus Devayani had two sons and Sharmishtha had three sons. Shukracharya cursed Yayati to become old. Yayati still had the desire for enjoyment, so he begged his sons to grant him youth. Only one son, who was the son of maid Sharmishtha, obeyed. Events went in such a way that later on the old age of Yayati, Puru got the inheritance, who was the maid’s son.

Shukracharya had received the knowledge of Mritasanjeevani. He used to revive the dead asuras. Everyone was willing to take this knowledge. With this knowledge, Lord Shiva revived Ganesha. Shukracharya got this knowledge by worshiping Shankar. Later, Shiva was angry that Shukracharya started using him inappropriately. Lord Shiva caught Shukracharya and swallowed him. There was no way to get the distracted Shukracharya out of Shiva’s body and he could come out only through the urinal. After this incident Shukracharya became like the son of Lord Shiva and his relation was linked with work.
Another story is very famous. Shukracharya was worried after seeing Vamana avatar Lord Vishnu taking the promise of giving three steps of land from the demon king Bali. He recognized that he was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and that he would deprive his disciple King Bali of everything. Bali could not take a resolution, so he entered the spout (duct) of Gangasagar or Kamandal. One eye of the subtly entered Shukracharya got damaged when Vali tried to scrape the tube of Kamandal with the help of a stick. That is why even today in jest that person is called Shukracharya, whose one eye is deformed.
Devguru Brihaspati also sent his son Kach to Shukracharya to learn the dead life Sanjeevini Vidya. Shukracharya’s daughter Devyani’s mind had come to Kach, but Kach refused to marry the Guru’s daughter. On this, Kach had cursed that you will never be married to a Brahmin Kumar. Shukracharya had taught Kach the dead life Sanjeevini Vidya even after the opposition of the demons. The demons had also killed Kach but Shukracharya brought him back to life. The matter increased so much that once again the demons killed Kach and fed it to Shukracharya. Then Shukracharya taught the dead Sanjeevani Vidya to the Kach located in his stomach and when the Kach was taken out by tearing Shukracharya’s stomach, it was the graceful Kach who raised the dead Guru Shukracharya from the dead Sanjeevani Vidya. But Devyani had given a curse that if you teach this knowledge to anyone, you will die. Later the same thing happened. Kach died as soon as he taught this knowledge to his father Brihaspati.

Shukracharya is a devotee of Shiva and has been giving inspiration to the demons also to worship Shiva. Many times it happened that the Asura Devraj, who was endowed with the teachings of Shukracharya, was successful in defeating Indra. He took control of heaven. There have always been wars for the dominion over heaven. While Brihaspati used to get the deities confirmed through the yajna part, Venus was also knowledgeable of elusive sciences. Venus became so important that like Brihaspati, he also got the right to sit in the assembly of Brahma and get the sacrificial portion. He himself is very holy. Brahmins are teachers. Only out of jealousy of Brihaspati, he accepted to become the guru of the Asuras. Brihaspati and Shukra were the disciples of Maharishi Angiras. Shukracharya felt that Guru Angiras favors Jupiter more. When this happened, he became angry and after becoming a scholar, he accepted the position of guru of the Asuras.