Worlds only Religion which is based on Science

Worlds only Religion which is based on Science

Some of our traditions about which science says

No Marriage in Same Gotra

In a program related to diseases of Discovery Channel, a scientist said that the only cure for not having a genetic disease is ‘Separation of Genes’. That is, one should not marry among his closest relatives because genes are not separated (split) among close relatives and there is a 100% chance of having genes linked diseases like hemophilia, color blindness and albonism. It is a matter of pleasant surprise that in Sanatan Hinduism thousands of years ago ‘Genes’ and ‘DNA’ were written about? There are seven gotras in Hindu tradition. People of the same gotra cannot marry among themselves, so that the genes remain separate. That scientist said that today the whole world will have to believe that Sanatan Hinduism is the only religion in the world which is based on science.

Greeting with Folded Hands

When meeting someone, they say Namaste or Namaskar with folded hands.
Scientific Reasoning- When the tops of all the fingers come in contact with each other and there is pressure on them. Due to acupressure, it has a direct effect on our eyes, ears and mind, so that we can remember the person in front for a long time. The second argument is that if you do Namaste instead of shaking hands (Western civilization), then the germs of the body of the other person cannot reach you. Even if the person in front has swine flu, that virus will not reach you.

Havan or #Yagna

Yagya or Havan is performed during any ritual.
Scientific reasoning- When the mixture of natural elements in the Havan material, and the mixture of camphor, sesame, sugar, etc., is burnt, when smoke rises, it kills the germs in every corner of the house. Insects run away.

Tradition of Ear Piercing

There is a tradition of piercing ears in almost all religions in India.
Scientific reasoning: Philosophers believe that it increases the power of thinking, whereas doctors believe that it improves speech and controls the blood circulation of the nerves going through the ears to the brain.

Kumkum on Four Head/ Tilak

Women and men apply kumkum or tilak on the forehead.
Scientific reason: A vein goes from the middle of the eyes to the forehead. By applying kumkum or tilak, the energy of that place remains intact. While applying tilak on the forehead, when pressure is applied with the thumb or finger, then the blood-circulating muscles of the skin of the face get activated. Due to this, blood reaches the cells of the face well.

Taking Meals by Sitting on Ground

According to Indian culture, eating food while sitting on the ground is a good thing.
Scientific Fact: Sitting with a cross is a type of yoga posture. By sitting in this position, the mind remains calm and if the mind is calm while eating, then the digestion process remains good. As soon as sitting in this state, a signal from the brain itself reaches the stomach that it should be ready for food.

Greetings with Folded Hands

When we meet someone in our society, we greet with folded hands.
Scientific reasoning: When the tops of all the fingers come in contact with each other and there is pressure on them, then due to acupressure, it has a direct effect on our eyes, ears and brain, so that we can remember the person in front for a long time. Can you The second argument is that if you do Namaskar instead of shaking hands (Western Civilization), the germs from the body of the other person cannot reach you.

The Meal begins with a spicy and ends with a sweet

Whenever there is any religious or family ritual, the food starts with spicy and ends with sweet.
Scientific reasoning: By eating spicy food, the digestive elements and acids become active inside our stomach. Due to this the digestive system works properly. Lastly, by eating sweets, the intensity of the acid decreases. It does not cause burning in the stomach.

Worshiping a Banyan Treee

Most of the people think that by worshiping Peepal, ghosts and spirits run away.
Scientific reason: It is worshiped so that people have faith in this tree and do not cut it. Peepal is the only tree that circulates oxygen even at night.

Scientific Importance of Janeu

  1. In the event of repeated bad dreams, such dreams do not come by wearing the thread.
  2. By passing the thread near the heart, it reduces the chances of heart disease, as it allows the blood circulation to operate smoothly.
  3. The person wearing the thread is bound by the rules of cleanliness. This cleaning protects him from diseases of teeth, mouth, stomach, worms, bacteria.
  4. By wearing the thread on the right ear, that ear nerve gets pressed, due to which any sleeping sleep of the brain works.
  5. The right ear vein is connected to the testicles and the genital organs. Wrapping the thread on the right ear at the time of passing urine protects the sperms.
  6. Wrapping the thread in the ear awakens the Surya Nadi in a person.
  7. Wrapping Janeu on the ear also prevents stomach related diseases and blood pressure problems.
  8. By wearing Janeu, the electric current line is controlled, which makes it easy to control lust and anger.
  9. There is a feeling of purity from the thread. It protects the mind from evil deeds.
  10. Janeu does not cause other infectious diseases including constipation, ACDT, stomach diseases, urinary diseases, blood pressure, heart diseases.

Sleeping with Head Towards North

If someone sleeps with his feet towards the north, then people say that bad dreams will come, the shadow of ghosts will come etc.

Scientific Facts: When we sleep with our head facing north, our body comes in line with the earth’s magnetic waves. The iron present in the body starts being driven towards the brain. This increases the risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or brain disease and also increases blood pressure.

Surya Arghya (Hello)

In Hindu belief, there is a tradition of getting up early in the morning and offering water to the Sun.
Scientific reasoning: When the rays of the sun coming from the middle of the water reach the eyes, then our eyesight is good.

Keeping a Shikha on Head

In Hinduism, there is a tradition of placing a top (shikha) on the head.
Scientific reasoning: Where the chutiya is kept, all the nerves of the brain meet at that place. Due to this the mind remains stable and man does not get angry. The ability to think increases.

If there is any worship or festival, then people keep fast.

Scientific reasoning: By observing fast, digestion is good and by taking fruits, detoxification of the body takes place, that is, bad elements come out of it. According to researchers, fasting reduces the risk of cancer. The person also does not get heart related diseases, diabetes etc.

Touching Feet

According to Hindu belief, when you meet an elder, touch his feet. We also teach this to children so that they respect elders.

Scientific reasoning: The energy emanating from the brain completes a circle through the hands and front legs. This is called the flow of cosmic energy. In this, energy flows in two ways, either through the feet of the elder to the hands of the younger or from the hands of the younger to the feet of the elders.

Why is Sindoor Applied?
Married Hindu women apply sindoor.
Scientific Argument: Vermilion contains turmeric, lime and mercury. This mixture controls the blood pressure of the body. Since it also increases sexual arousal, it is forbidden for widowed women to apply vermilion. This reduces stress.

Worship of Basil Plant

Worshiping Tulsi brings prosperity in the house. Happiness and peace remain.
Scientific Argument: Tulsi strengthens the immune system. If there is a Tulsi plant in the house, then the leaves will also be used, which cures diseases.