Deepdan in Dhanteras

Donate lamps on the day of Dhanteras.

Donate Yamadeep according to the method mentioned earlier.
To remove poverty, one should light a monolithic lamp in the evening of Dhanteras in your worship house, which must be kept burning till the night of Deepawali. If the lamp keeps burning unbroken till Bhaiya Dooj, then all the Vastu defects of the house also end.

Put a lamp of cow’s ghee in the north-east corner of the house. Instead of cotton in the lamp, use red colored thread and also put some saffron in the lamp.

Light the oil lamp of the house and put two black gunja in it, after worshiping with Gandhadi, place it on a heap of food grains at the main entrance of your house. Financial compatibility will remain throughout the year. Remember that lamp should be kept burning throughout the night, it should not be extinguished.